Glorious Me by Debora Hawkey

Glorious Me by Deborah Hawkey

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Glorious Me – My Journey on the Path to Self- Love, is a story about the power of the human spirit and the many miracles experienced by the author. Some of the miracles were of a physical nature—she is the first person in Canada, diagnosed with Acute Blast Cell Leukemia, to reach the five-year milestone after experimental bone marrow transplantation and who is now courageously dealing with the challenges of Early Onset Parkinson’s Disease.

In Glorious Me, Hawkey takes the reader on a journey of triumph over adversity, childhood emotional abuse, life with a rage-alcoholic father, PTSD, and possibly her biggest challenge ever, being abandoned by her mother at the age of six while Hawkey was battling for her life against terminal cancer.

Glorious Me – My Journey on the Path to Self-Love is more than a story about childhood illness and emotional trauma, it holds the key to discovering what is possible when you trust, love, and forgive. This poignant memoir details one girl’s journey from self-loathing to self-love and how she became the empowered voice in her own story.

It is Hawkey’s deepest hope that her story will inspire you to believe that you have the power to change your life.

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Deborah Hawkey
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